Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Ocean & Counting

The boys had a lot of fun and energy for class today! What fun we had!

We started by counting with flash cards. Boys did great with that.

Then we watched a video about the fun animals in the ocean - or "under the sea"

We talked about the animals there, and we even acted out actions with the ocean creatures we saw. (Sharks bite, eels swim like snakes, crabs have pinchers, etc.)

Some other fun songs to go along with the ocean theme:

"Five Oceans" 
(to the tune of Frere Jacque)

There are five
There are five
o-ceans, o-ceans
Pacific and Atlantic
Indian and Arctic
Southern too, Southern too

"I'm a Little Fishy" 
(to the tune of I'm a little teacup)

I'm a little fishy
I can swim
Here is my tail
Here is my fin
When I want to have fun
with my friends
I wiggle my tail
and dive right in

and my personal favorite:

"Five Little Fish" 
(to the tune of five little monkeys)

Five little fishes 
swimming in the sea
Teasing Mr. Shark
can't catch meeeee...
Along came Mr. Shark
as quiet as can be
SNAP! that little fishy
right out of the sea.

Four little fishes...

Then we read a few books. One was about sea creatures, and we pointed out what creatures we saw. We then read about how there are some birds that live near the ocean and some go swimming in there to find their foods. We read a story about penguins and talked about how they live near the coldest parts of the ocean in the world in Antarctica!

Then we went inside and colored and cut and glued together a fun game where we decided which animals lived on land and which lived on the sea. The boys worked on holding the scissors correctly and cutting straight lines. I think they over all did a great job.

Our dear Everett talked the entire time about how Elephants should live in the ocean, so we finally compromised and decided that maybe Elephants liked to swim so it was okay to put them 'in the ocean'. The boys were also pretty surprised to learn that not Elephants live at the zoo. haha.

After our craft we had snack, and then went outside to explore some sensory fun with sand, shells and water.
 (and of course little Miss Belle had to taste test the sand to see if it was any good or not. Oh brother.)
All-in-all a fun day at preschool. 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

ABC Book

On ABC book day we went to the Memorial Gardens. It was so lovely outside! Emily organized some games for the boys to play. Mostly, the boys enjoyed running around and exploring the area. It took some coaxing but we made it through the ABC photos using the boy's bodies as ABC shapes. Snack was so perfect: popcorn, pretzels, and juice! After photos the boys ran over to the park for more playing. Thanks to all those who helped! The books look so amazing.

W is for Worm

All the boys had a great Easter! Each boy got to search for eggs and eat copious amounts of candy. I was not well prepared this preschool day. We arrived home from Utah late the night before. Lucky for us the letter was W, I took liberty and changed the theme to worm. The weather was rainy and perfect for digging up worms. To practice the form of the letter W the boys practiced with chalkboards, and tracing the letter on paper. We learned about the life cycle of a worm. Then we got our coats on and got dirty!

Phillip was the first one to find a worm. At first the boys only skimmed the dirt, I showed them to dig deep where the worms live. Soon we uncovered over 25 worms. Each boy picked their favorites to take inside. Using paper clips the boys compared live worms with gummy worms. The worms were roughly the same length, but the real worms were much skinnier. Then we had dirt and worms for dessert. Ha ha. We tricked you! Our dirt was actually chocolate pudding with oreo crumbs and gummy worms squirming inside the pudding. We had a great time learning about the wiggly letter W.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Messy Party

Today was a Messy Party! The weather turned out to be perfect to spend some quality time outside having fun.

Since Easter is on Sunday (and we don't have school thursday) we started by coloring some eggs. Max, Jared, and Everett went on an egg hunt while RJ finished coloring his dragon egg.

Everyone then picked a water balloon and tried to cover it in shaving cream! At first some of the boys didn't want to get so messy, but everyone joined in after a few minutes.

Then the real fun started. The boys cleaned their hands in the tub of water and started throwing water balloons in the water and on the grass (which made them pop). I think the adults had just as much fun watching as the kids did playing.

Once all the balloons were popped we had snacks - apples, pretzels, marshmallows and goldfish - and moved on to bubbles and chalk.

RJ and Everett caught some of the bubbles they blew. Jared's Grandpa helped blow some bubbles for the boys to chase. Jared and RJ drew long lines all the way to the truck which they then used as a running track before going "splat" on the truck. :) Everett decided to draw a trophy for the winner, and everyone else eventually drew their own trophies. These boys have some creative imaginations!

They decided to play in the water with animal cutouts for the last few minutes. Everyone had fun being messy in the sunshine today!